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Partial Ramblings Of A Bored, Bored Dude

Yah, so I'm thinking about using this thing again. I probably say that a lot, but this time....well, I probably mean it just as much as when I've said in the past. Take this at face value!

Woot! Guitar Hero 3 later! I can't believe that I haven't touched that game at all yet, considering I bought the first two on their respective release dates.  I can't even remember what the track listing for the game was at all. But hey, who could pass up getting baked and pretending to be a musician? No one!

Save for those with...priorities and shit. Overrated, if you ask me!

Some other things to ponder:

- How awesome is The Dark Knight going to be?
- I don't know why I got my hopes up, but Halo 3 was shit. Just thought I'd put that out there
- I want a PS3 finally, simply for the fact that Darth Vader is a playable character in Soul Calibur 4 on that platform, whereas Yoda is a 360-exclusive. Not that I wouldn't have an awesome time playing as the little green guy, but, c'mon. Sith trumps Jedi every damn day of the week.
- This journal has a pretty fucked up color scheme. What the hell was I thinking when I allowed this to happen?
- Concentrate orange juice + toothpaste + ceramic mug = kinda tastes like eggs

Wow, I actually kinda enjoyed doing that!
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two words, rock band.

i've got it for ps2.

try not to wet your pants.
Why do you have to call me out on my pants-wetting disability here on the internet in front of EVERYONE?

And uh, you know, I really totally miss you and want to come over and say hi! I mean, if Rock Band's there, we might play, but I totally want to come over only to uh, see you. Totally.
oh hai