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Fuck You, Katy!

50 Random Fucking Things

1) This is the first time I've updated in god knows how long
2) I just got the internet back today after about 2 weeks
3) The last two weeks made me realize how dependent I am on the 'net
4) I have no fucking clue how Imma come up with 50 things to write
5) My walls are off-white....okay, peach....fine. They're fucking pink. Shitty.
6) I'm wearing my new favorite pair of pants.
7) I've had blue balls every night for the past week. Not having a condom sucks.
8) I've probably spent a grand total of a whole week (as in 7 x 24 hours) playing Soul Calibur 3 the last month or so.
9) I like incense way more than I should.
10) I keep telling everyone that Imma stop smoking soon, but I won't.
11) I'm already sick of doing this.
12) I spent 35$ on a Hartigan poster back in February at WonderCon. I still think it's the best money I've ever spent.
13) I wholeheartedly believe that Oprah Winfrey, like George Bush, hates black people.
14) I really need a job.
15) I have 812 songs on iTunes.
17) I think it's a crime that Weezer isn't the biggest band in the fucking world.
18) I no longer feel comfortable at my own house. It's not "homey"!
19) I really wanna take a nap.
20) My virginity was taken at age 14
21) First time I smoked bud was in 7th or 8th grade.
22) I took those last two questions from Katy's because I ran out of ideas.
23) I skipped #16.
16) I felt so bad that skipped a question, I just had to put it back in here.
24) I feel like a big pussy now.
25) There's prolly a small fortune in baseball/football cards in my closet.
26) I watched "The Negotiator" about 4 times since Friday.
27) Carissa just told me that today is Akash's birthday. Go wish that prick a happy one!
30) Marriage isn't appealing to me.
31) Neither are children
32) I think I have tonsilitis again.
33) My brother is sitting on a stool directly behind me, wearing only his boxers
34) I am quite unnerved about the above statement.
35) I wanna play Killer Instinct right now.
36) Guitar Hero wouldn't be bad either.
37) I have a thing for mom's. And teachers as well.
38) I'm still in the process of trying to re-write the Star Wars Episodes I-III. Please help.
39) I actually feel like spending a day in Frisco, even though I hate that city.
40) I wanna learn how to play my guitar. It hasn't been used since Tim was here.
41) I just listened to a Fefe Dobson song, and liked it. I think I need a shower.
42) I REALLY want a lightsaber.
43) I wouldn't mind going to China for a few years to study martial arts.
44) I'm fantasizing about beating up 8 people at once using Jeet Kune Do.
45) I'm still kinda pissed that I won't ever get to have sex with Lauryn Hill or Phoebe Cates.
46) I hate Judge Reinhold because of "Fast Times at Ridgemont High"....lucky fuck.
47) If I don't see King Kong in theaters, I won't watch it at all.
48) You will not learn a thing about me from reading this. If you've reached this far, I feel sorry for you. You should stop.
49) If you listened to me in #48, I think you're a big pussy.
50) This Image hosted by makes me laugh my ass off every time I see it.
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yeah dude I'm with you on #45!Well not really Lauryn Hill she's alright... but PHOEBE CATES! Haha what a lesbian!