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I've been meaning to actually put some real WORDS into here one of these days, and seein' how I'm feeling oddly calm and collected at the moment, I figured that now would be the best time to do so.

So, hey everybody!

Not a lot has been happenin' in the real world for me since the last time I made an honest-to-goodness update. Well, I actually got around to turning in an English assignment, and I got a damn fine grade on it. Had I not fucked up the MLA formatting, and had the right sized font, that shit would've been as close to perfect as could be. She wants to use it as an example for future classes. I so rock hard. Perhaps I'll post it on here, if there's enough interest; don't wanna force every facet of my awseome-ness down your throats.

More recently (actually, it's kinda in the future) Kari and I are headed to 'Frisco to see the Green Day concert. It's gonna be my first real concert, so I'm stoked as shit, even despite the fact that I have to take the BART to San Francisco to see the damn thing. Not sure who else is on the bill, but I heard that it was either Sugarcult or New Found Glory, and I'm not too happy about that, but I'll have to sit through it. I think...I hope that I can tough it out.

Well, enough of that shit. Now, on to the important stuff.

The last couple of weeks have been filled with gaming goodness.

First up, GTA: San Andreas. Every gamers wet dream. The week that I rented it from Blockbuster I was almost completely immersed in it every available second. The look rocks, the story rocks, the setting rocks, the sound rocks, the attributes system rocks, the character customization rocks, and the gameplay rocks. Suffice to say, this game rocks. I expected the typical GTA level greatness, but this shit far surpassed anything that I could have imagined. Just when Fable had caused to me to lose faith in the gaming industry (or perhaps just the hype machine) GTA came right back in and made me a devout believer again. Anyone who owns a PS2, has access to a PS2, knows someone with a PS2, or even just wants to be awesome in my book, NEEDS to buy this game. While you're at it, pick me up a copy too!

Next up, Halo 2. Now, I would have totally flipped and cursed Microsoft and it's accursed Xbox had I not played multiplayer before I breezed through the single player campaign.

I headed over to Hollister's place last Friday so me, him, Sam and Ricky could test out the LAN waters with a small group. Let's just say that the 3 or so odd hours that I was there were totally not enough. The new maps that I played kick righteous amounts of ass, as does the new energy sword weapon. Shit, all the new weapons kick ass, since they more or less balance each other out. No more God-like pistol, which means I totally have to re-think my methods.

Josh had some shit to do that night, so he quite generously offered me his limited-edition copy for my own personal use for Friday evening. Being the geek that I am, I elected to waste yet another night off from school shut up in my room, wailing on Covenant ass. Or, at least that's what I planned. The single-player campaign on normal took me about 4 and a half hours to complete.

Now, it could be that since I'm used to gaming on the Legendary difficulty that I breezed through the game simply because my skill is so incredible. But, most of the other people that I've talked to have mentioned a similar experience (some claim to have beaten the game in an about 2 hours: those people are liars). Bah. Not only that, I wasn't completely all onboard with the story, and the ending caused me to have an experience similar to Tycho's reaction as described by Gabe. I can't wait to get together again to kill some REAL competition at the next LAN party. Gotta get that bitter single-player taste outta my mouth.

Well, I think that I've rambled quite enough for now, but before I leave, I'd like a chance to gloat in the faces of all my friends not in the FUSD.


And, I'm out.
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