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I'm really sick of my e-mail address. I wanna change it, but I don't wanna go through the hassle of notifying everyone and everything of it. Despite my laziness, I think my desire to put everything "badazz" behind me will win out. It's funny how when you look at things in retrospect, you realize what horrendous ideas they were. No insult to my former comrades in website obscurity, those were some fun times.

Holy shit, I just went off on a tangent.

School may just stop sucking as much tomorrow, or it could totally head off in the opposite direction. I finally got my schedule today, so I'm officially a Senior as far as I know, and my previous classes that I shouldn't have had (US history, English 11, and psychology) have been replace with the proper courses: Government/Economics, English 12, and Sports Marketing. I have no idea what that last class entails, but it's with the teacher that I have Business Ownership with, so it prolly won't be too bad, unless I get a classroom full of jackasses.

On a final parting note, everyone needs to take the quiz in the post below (if you're reading this on my main journal page, if not...well, go there)just so I can see where you stand in relation to PA knowledge. Low scores mean that I have to educate you personally...and I don't think that any of you really want that.
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