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School = Craig's Kryptonite


Anyone who's reading this entry is no doubt, well aware of the amount of disdain that I hold for the educational institutions of the Bay Area (and prolly anywhere else, for that matter). So it most likely also comes as no surprise that that the hour or so that I spent at American yesterday really, really licked balls.

It was that whole registration thing yesterday, and it's the first time I've ever been to one, so I was more or less confused by the whole thing.

The long and the short of it is that I stood in a long ass line for a long time, took my ID picture, and got my schedule. First off, they gave me two Junior classes, which shows me that the school appearantly doesn't look at any official transcripts or anything when making a students schedule up, just at what grade they're listed under. And secondly...and much more depressing... I didn't get guitar. They gave me psychology... I don't even remember selecting psychology. But, I have it.

And the real kicker?

There was not ONE COUNSELOR there to correct schedule changes. Not ONE. Isn't it wonderful how well our school staff performs, and provides it's students with the smoothest experience possible....

I wasn't pissed when I started this. Now I am.
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